Fiona Fae: A Natural Birth Story

*Just a disclaimer that this is an in depth description of my pregnancy and birth of my daughter and I do talk a lot about the procedures. Although I do not go into any graphic detail I still suggest that if you are not comfortable with that or you have any triggers, to avoid this article*

(I do a lot of comparing to my sons pregnancy in this post so I've italicized the sections where I'm talking about his birth so it doesn't get too confusing)

Where do you generally start with a birth story? I guess Fiona's started back in January when I had my second ever miscarriage. It's hard to want to try again after that happens, it just really makes you think that maybe your body isn't ready, adequate, and in my case I thought maybe I wasn't fit and healthy enough?? Those are definitely not true thoughts but they ran through my head and gave me doubts anyway. Well I had my son and he was perfectly healthy and happy so I knew I could do it again and love any baby that came our way. We became pregnant with Fiona almost immediately after we started trying again and yes even though I was trying to be positive about it I still was very cautious of my feelings for the first 12 weeks which was hard because it kept me from being excited. After 2 or 3 ultrasounds and several chances to hear her heartbeat, I finally became very excited and let myself start wondering what the gender of this baby would be.