The Sweetest Sleeper

Is there anything sweeter than your baby girl sleeping? I submit that there is not! Haha! But really, my favorite thing is when my baby falls asleep in my arms. I know it's not good for sleep training but I currently do not care!! It does however make it hard to get anything done or help out my 3 year old when he needs me to build legos with him so I have to put her down sometimes! But Fiona is a very very light sleeper so it's a balancing act for sure!! In comes the DockATot

DockATot is a multi-functional lounger made in Europe and is perfect for keeping baby near by but letting her sleep. I think it mimics mamas arms well giving her a sense of comfort by being surrounded by the breathable sides. 

I don't worry about her when she's in the DockATot because she is a mover!! She can kick herself in circles and off play mats like nobody's business. Drew thinks it's fun too. The other day he was watching a show snuggled up against the DockATot and Fiona was watching right along with him! I totally wish I had snapped a picture.

Can we talk about how good of a big brother he is?? I know I've said it before but he loves Fiona so much! It makes my heart melt and if I screw things up at least they have each other hahaha!!

Even though Fiona is currently NOT taking a nap right now and is crying as I type this (this is real life people), she truly has turned into such a happy baby!! Really, she has the sweetest smile and is such a chatter box!! I love it so much.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover choices DockATot offers! This cover you see here is an artist collaboration with Mrs. Mighetto and it fits my style perfectly. How gorgeous are the little girls and swans she's painted?

Drew's smile also brings me so much joy. LIFE DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER!!! Haha! I love being a mom!!!

We also got The Ollie World wrap and I love it! It's a fool proof way to have your baby swaddled tight. Fiona is so good at escaping the swaddle blanket, this is a good way to keep her hands in so she doesn't scare herself awake. Haha!!

If you would like to receive $10 off your very own DockATot you can use this link to get your coupon code!

I handed Drew my camera after a little bit and he took some amazing pictures! Seriously I will cherish these pictures forever and the fact that my 3 year old took them makes them 1000 times more beautiful.

Some are blurry but kind of wonderful because of it.

I don't give him my camera often but every time I do I love the results!


  1. These pictures are so precious.

  2. Oh I need to put this on my must have list! I'm due in July. What sweet pictures! Glad you had your son take some of you too! 💕

  3. She is so sweet! I def need to get one of these for the next baby!

  4. I loved this post!! Your sweet kidos are so precious!! Your baby girl is picture perfect by the way, and I love her sweet little bow. Loved reading this!!

  5. These are the sweetest photos! I need a dock a tot for my next little!

  6. Gah! Melt my heart!! Such cuties you have!