Vintage Halloween Party

Happy Halloween in ONE week!! I am not exaggerating when I say that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! Christmas is wonderful and I appreciate the spirit of the season but it is always so stressful! Halloween is the first of the holidays and you can make it as big or small as you want and there is no pressure. That being said, I think I am the queen of crazy, impractical ideas and then going to every length to make it happen even though no one would have ever noticed if I did anything. 

I had an idea a little over a week ago to throw a kids Halloween party in my new cabin backyard up here in the canyon. I couldn't shake the idea and I knew it would have to happen soon before it got too cold and all the leaves disappeared. Well on Monday I went shopping, Tuesday I put everything together and made the food and Wednesday I set up (with help of course!) and only started the party 30 minutes late ha!  

 I had the most help from my favorite local party store Zurchers! I'm always there first because they are almost always a one stop shop for me! They carry all the trendy, classic, character party decor you need! Plus a little extra! The pinwheels, broomstick and crepe paper festooning I made (DIY for that coming soon!) all came from Zurchers. I made the "All Hallows Eve" banner and had the other props on hand.

The cute shot glasses, mini wooden spoons, plates and ready made festooning (fringe garland) all came from there also! I made a yummy pumpkin mousse using this recipe and filled the treat bags with gobs of candy.

Okay now I have to tell you about these Apple Pie caramel apples from Zapplz. OH MY YUM! They were the perfect fit for the vintage feel I waned and they were sooooo good! The kids wanted them more than anything else on the table! 


Zapplz is a locally owned caramel apple place in American Fork. If you're in the area go treat yourself to one, or 6!
This pregnant lady didn't hold back! You guys! They were amazing! They have several different flavors including Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road and Chile Y Salimon #gamechanger

I wanted to make sure I had a couple of self sustaining games the kids could play so we set up a pumpkin tic tac toe and they loved it! Pumpkins, sticks, a table and BAM you're done!

 For lunch we had a chili bar! I made a basic chili (really anything but basic - see here!) and Aleigh from For the Joy of Life blog made an AMAZING white chicken chili. I made it again yesterday because I couldn't stop thinking about it! Her recipe is super simple but will impress anyone!

 I also made some seriously good caramel snickerdoodles. They were amazing!! This seems to be the only picture of the cookies because I'm pretty sure my little Darth Vader ate them all as soon as they went out on the table. I'll be making more by the end of the week!

 My friend Natashia came and shared her beautiful Halloween countdown printable and the reusable frame to go with it! The frame only takes a few inexpensive supplies and you can put prints, your childrens art or your calendar in it! Check out the printables and the tutorial on her blog!

A huge thanks to my sister for taking all the pictures! I love how they all turned out! I hope you enjoyed this party and remember you can throw one together in less than a week too!! 


Haha Twilight anyone?

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