Holiday Bath Bombs DIY with a Free Printable!

Searching for the perfect neighbor gift?? HERE IT IS! The kids can help and you'll love the results! Bath bombs are such a beautiful gift you can give and they are easy and cheap! My friend Natashia with Canary Jane has even created a free printable for you to go along with it!! To see the recipe, troubleshooting tips and the printable click to read more!

A Thanksgiving Tablescape to Remember

Back in 2015 Thanksgivingcame a little early for my family since two of my brothers were in town only for a couple of days at the same time. It was also the last time we'd all be together for at least a year and a half since my little sister served a mission for the LDS church that following January.
I couldn't have been more thrilled when my mom asked me to be in charge of place settings and decor.  I knew this had to be a big deal!
We decided to hold dinner and activities at my parents church since my siblings families have grown so much. Not my ideal place to decorate but we made it work!
 I'm not very traditional when it comes to holiday decor as my family knows (and rolls their eyes at) so I chose to work with a more simple muted color palate than your normal fall oranges, browns and yellows. This Thanksgiving tablscape is full of burlap, black and white, and touches of gold. I love how it turned out!!

How an MLM helped me through PPD


7 months ago I found myself in a really dark place I never expected to be. I had been waiting for my beautiful baby girl to arrive and she came and was amazing. The first few days in the hospital were bliss and everything was going great. "I got this two kid thing!" I remember thinking to myself. 
Rewind 3 years prior, my first child was so good and I was so happy and I had support and no responsibilities so I think my expectations of my second child were that this baby would be good and I knew what I was doing so I definitely felt confident that everything would be unicorns and rainbows!

Fiona's Blessing Day


Last Saturday we had the opportunity to bless Fiona with our friends and family and it was such a beautiful experience! I wanted to have a pink boho feel to the day and I knew I wanted some printed florals to play off of. My friend Natashia is an amazing artist and she had already posted some floral table runners/printable floral crowns on her blog and I knew they would be perfect for the tables. I asked her if she would create something for the backdrop and she made an INCREDIBLE and GORGEOUS floral wreath backdrop for me!

The Best Banana Cream Pie EVER

 Happy National Pi Day!!! To celebrate I thought I would share what pie means in this family. I didn't know how important pie was going to be in my life until I married my husband. It turns out his mom is the Pie Queen. For the last couple of decades she has gone all out for Thanksgiving baking all the yummiest pies for the entire family. Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, Peach, Pumpkin Pecan, Strawberry Rhubarb, Pecan, Triple Berry, Peach Cream, Sweet Potato, Orange Cream, Chocolate Cream, Key Lime!

The Sweetest Sleeper

Is there anything sweeter than your baby girl sleeping? I submit that there is not! Haha! But really, my favorite thing is when my baby falls asleep in my arms. I know it's not good for sleep training but I currently do not care!! It does however make it hard to get anything done or help out my 3 year old when he needs me to build legos with him so I have to put her down sometimes! But Fiona is a very very light sleeper so it's a balancing act for sure!! In comes the DockATot

A Classic 30th Birthday

I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. Some friends go skydiving or on amazing trips but seeing as I have a 2 month old those things were pretty well out of the question (maybe for my 40th!!!). But then it dawned on me! Why not relive my high school days a bit and head to Classic Fun Center in Orem?? It's really close to me right now and they have so much to do there I knew it would be a blast for the whole family!! We skated, did laser tag, played arcade games and played on the bouncy inflatables! And guess what?! They offering a 20% discount code on all birthday parties for my readers!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? The code is "lifewithwings". Read on to hear how much fun we had and all the fun things you could do at your next birthday party! And for more ways to save at your next visit!

Love at Home!

I had the lovely Saudalia come and take photos of my little family at home and the results are amazing! She is so professional but knows how to get the important moments. I love every precious shot!

Fiona Fae: A Natural Birth Story

*Just a disclaimer that this is an in depth description of my pregnancy and birth of my daughter and I do talk a lot about the procedures. Although I do not go into any graphic detail I still suggest that if you are not comfortable with that or you have any triggers, to avoid this article*

(I do a lot of comparing to my sons pregnancy in this post so I've italicized the sections where I'm talking about his birth so it doesn't get too confusing)

Where do you generally start with a birth story? I guess Fiona's started back in January when I had my second ever miscarriage. It's hard to want to try again after that happens, it just really makes you think that maybe your body isn't ready, adequate, and in my case I thought maybe I wasn't fit and healthy enough?? Those are definitely not true thoughts but they ran through my head and gave me doubts anyway. Well I had my son and he was perfectly healthy and happy so I knew I could do it again and love any baby that came our way. We became pregnant with Fiona almost immediately after we started trying again and yes even though I was trying to be positive about it I still was very cautious of my feelings for the first 12 weeks which was hard because it kept me from being excited. After 2 or 3 ultrasounds and several chances to hear her heartbeat, I finally became very excited and let myself start wondering what the gender of this baby would be.