Fiona's Blessing Day


Last Saturday we had the opportunity to bless Fiona with our friends and family and it was such a beautiful experience! I wanted to have a pink boho feel to the day and I knew I wanted some printed florals to play off of. My friend Natashia is an amazing artist and she had already posted some floral table runners/printable floral crowns on her blog and I knew they would be perfect for the tables. I asked her if she would create something for the backdrop and she made an INCREDIBLE and GORGEOUS floral wreath backdrop for me!

Head over to her blog to find more amazing FREE printables including the table runners.

Okay how amazing are these pink donuts from Provo Bakery and sprinkles from Sweetopolita? I'm obsessed with those sprinkles!!

I made the cookies using Alison's Cookie Party course and some magical sprinkles again haha!!

The yummy lemon and raspberry filled cake was made by Provo Bakery and I threw some stuff on it last minute haha!! It's interesting.......

Before I planned anything, I knew I wanted a bountiful and luscious cheese platter! My mom and my sister saw my inspiration and they took it to a whole other level!! It looked amazing! And it was all so super good! And it was all from Costco and Harmon's!! Easy peasy!

Now I'm so excited to tell you about Fiona's dress. I'm a very particular person when it comes to certain things and blessing outfits are definitely something I am detailed about.

I searched and searched for something I liked and there really wasn't anything out there. Even the $500+ dresses I wasn't super excited about! I did some searching and came across this pattern. I showed my mother in law (seamstress genius) and she said it would be so easy and we should just make it! (and we turned into she, thanks Julie!!).

So I hunted and hunted for lace. Something else I wasn't finding anything I loved and it was frustrating. But after I went to 3 or 4 fabric stores (I even bought several yards of different lace - don't judge me I'm a fabric hoarder haha!) I remembered that I might have seen something at the cabin and that night I went and checked and sure enough there was several bags filled with lace trim and fabric. I asked my mother in law if she knew about it and she said that my husbands Grandma had bought it while on her mission in England! It was gorgeous! We asked her about it and she was thrilled to let us use it for Fiona.

The main part of the dress is store bought lace but the bodice, sleeves and bottom trim are all lace from England. I was so excited about this becoming a special heirloom for Fiona since she shares a middle name with this Great-Grandma of hers.

We borrowed some booties from her aunties Leisel and Anne from their blessing. I made sure to snap a picture since we had to give them back. But aren't they perfect??

Isn't she just beautiful?? I love my little girl so much!

She really has the sweetest smile! I love that she flashes it my way every day. Nothing makes me feel more happy!

I have a hard time choosing photos when they are all so precious, can you tell??

My mother in law also made a bonnet to match using the same lace from England. It turned out perfect! And those eyes though!

I was a little worried when she got cranky right before the blessing but just like magic she fell asleep in my arms just in time.

We had debated for a long time whether we should wait until we move into our new house (Fiona would be over 6 months old!) or if we should just do it and set up at the mortuary (my husband and his brother own it 😊).

We decided to do it sooner than later so there was no question his Grandpa could be a part of the circle before things got too hard for him. Also, May 13th is my late father in laws birthday so it made the day extra special.

She was blessed by her amazing dad and some other incredible men in her family stood in the circle with him, including her great grandpa.

I'm so grateful for all the amazing family that came out and supported us and celebrated miss Fiona Fae coming into our lives. We truly have the best family and I love being so close to them. There are quite a few more pictures my awesome sister Angelica took and I want to document them so just scroll through and enjoy!!

Haha this is me in real life people!

💛 Fiona Fae Wing 💛

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