A Quick Date Night Look!

So, you finally get that coveted date night! Your mom is coming over to put your kids to bed and you and the hubby get to sneak out for some fun!! Or just some time to eat dinner in silence, right?? Haha!! I know I love those nights and they definitely don't happen enough! So when they do happen and you haven't worn makeup in a week you need to make it a little special for your hubby, and even maybe yourself! 

Well I put together a quick video to show how I use my palette and some false lashes for a fun and flirty look! My last post was a little deep so here's one to lighten things up a little lol!!

How cute, huh??? Also, throw some pink in your hair for fun! I used Pravana but there are tons of options at your local Sally's. You'll be surprised what he thinks! My hubby was always against weird colors in my hair until I did pink. Now he loves it!!! Nothing wrong with spicing it up a bit for the hubs ;)

 You can find almost all of the products I use HERE.

Leave me a comment to tell me what your favorite date nights are!!!


How an MLM helped me through PPD


7 months ago I found myself in a really dark place I never expected to be. I had been waiting for my beautiful baby girl to arrive and she came and was amazing. The first few days in the hospital were bliss and everything was going great. "I got this two kid thing!" I remember thinking to myself. 
Rewind 3 years prior, my first child was so good and I was so happy and I had support and no responsibilities so I think my expectations of my second child were that this baby would be good and I knew what I was doing so I definitely felt confident that everything would be unicorns and rainbows!