Vintage Halloween Party

Happy Halloween in ONE week!! I am not exaggerating when I say that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! Christmas is wonderful and I appreciate the spirit of the season but it is always so stressful! Halloween is the first of the holidays and you can make it as big or small as you want and there is no pressure. That being said, I think I am the queen of crazy, impractical ideas and then going to every length to make it happen even though no one would have ever noticed if I did anything. 

I had an idea a little over a week ago to throw a kids Halloween party in my new cabin backyard up here in the canyon. I couldn't shake the idea and I knew it would have to happen soon before it got too cold and all the leaves disappeared. Well on Monday I went shopping, Tuesday I put everything together and made the food and Wednesday I set up (with help of course!) and only started the party 30 minutes late ha!  

 I had the most help from my favorite local party store Zurchers! I'm always there first because they are almost always a one stop shop for me! They carry all the trendy, classic, character party decor you need! Plus a little extra! The pinwheels, broomstick and crepe paper festooning I made (DIY for that coming soon!) all came from Zurchers. I made the "All Hallows Eve" banner and had the other props on hand.

Hands Down The Best Chili on the Planet

So many of you already know but back in August we sold our beautiful home and moved into my husbands grandparents cabin in Provo canyon. Like IN the canyon. It has been a pretty hard transition for me (one word: BUGS) with living without most of our belongings, it's a smaller space, no washer and dryer and initially no dishwasher (we recently bought this and it has been a lifesaver!). 

With that being said, we couldn't have picked a better time to move here. We got to witness fall in all it's glory right outside our windows. I have never appreciated fall so much! Just this past week it got really cold too, but that's nothing a good hot soup can't fix!

Fairy Tale Maternity Shoot

Wow, I never thought I'd be starting yet ANOTHER blog! Despite all the blogs I've started they have all lacked one very important thing in my life and that is my family.  We are mom, dad and Drew with baby girl on the way in 8 short weeks! Eek!! But really, why haven't I ever blogged about our everyday life?? Just look how cute we are!