Fairy Tale Maternity Shoot

Wow, I never thought I'd be starting yet ANOTHER blog! Despite all the blogs I've started they have all lacked one very important thing in my life and that is my family.  We are mom, dad and Drew with baby girl on the way in 8 short weeks! Eek!! But really, why haven't I ever blogged about our everyday life?? Just look how cute we are!

My family is everything to me and I need to share more about us! I have the most incredible and patient husband and the sweetest peskiest kid ever. Drew really is the sweetest but, why are 3-year-olds so stubborn?? 

And how perfect is that picture? I wanted to kick this blog off by sharing my DREAM maternity shoot done by the very talented Ari with Anchored Image

I knew she would deliver exactly what I was looking for when I found her on Instagram. Her work is the perfect ethereal feel I wanted. 

I had my makeup done by Vivian Johnson and she was phenomenal!! I've never looked better in pictures for sure!


My hair was done by my amazing and close friend Dana. She does wedding updos on the side and does an incredible job!

One of my favorite moments of the shoot was when I got into a murky swamp and it was freezing cold.  Haha!! I will do anything for the picture I tell you! ANYTHING! 

And then there was that time when my photographer also got in the water to get the perfect shot. It was also cold, windy and raining. I kind of felt like I was in some sort of fairy tale though. The rain made everything quiet and peaceful.

 Another talented friend of mine made this beautiful floral crown! It was so perfect and also exactly what I asked for and more! Thank you Liesl!!

But really I'm still dying over how magical and perfect these pictures turned out! I hope I can use Ari many more times in the future! Thank you for stopping by my new blog! I hope you enjoy and come back for more!!


  1. Looks so cute!! So happy you did this! And seriously, these are dreammmyyy photos!

    1. Thank you Aleigh! I wouldn't have done this without your encouragement and all the awesome advice!