A Thankful Heart Series Part 2 My Health

Welcome to Part 2 in the Thankful Heart series I am co hosting with Aleigh from For the Joy of Life! This is a link up party where we share what we're grateful for and invite anyone and everyone to join in so we can read what you are thankful for too!! Please join us and at the bottom of the post there is all the info you need to link up!! I've been loving this so far because it reminds me that there is so so much to be grateful for!

Today I want to share how incredibly grateful I am for my good health. I have been blessed with no major illnesses, diseases, complications or even broken bones throughout my entire life. I don't really know but I would like to think God knows my limits and having health issues could possibly put me in a downward spiral mentally. If I get a bad cold or a backache or something minor now I basically put life on hold and find every excuse to do nothing for as long as possible. Maybe that just makes me lazy? Not sure!

 Something I don't like to talk about a lot because I don't like to feel like I'm bragging or making myself look better than others is my pregnancies. Yes I get nauseous, fatigue, heartburn, swelling, achy muscles and hemorrhoids 😬 and yes I have had a couple of miscarriages (I'll talk about those in a later post), but other than those things I actually am blessed with wonderful pregnancies. I don't throw up, I have yet to have any complications and my first delivery went pretty well. Not perfect, and not painless but nothing went wrong and I got a very healthy boy out of it!

I am also so grateful to have a healthy family! My son rarely gets sick and when he has it has been minor things like colds and fevers. My husband does get sick often and he definitely plays the "man cold" card on me but that is usually all it is. I am grateful that all I need to do for him is usually just make soup!

Obviously I do not know what the future holds for us, maybe there is something waiting for us down the road but am just so grateful for where we are right now. I also know we should not take our health for granted and we should strive to feed our bodies with the best foods and stay active (even though that has been the hardest thing for me this pregnancy!). Our bodies are amazing and we should definitely take care of them the best way we know how. What aspect of our bodies are you most grateful for? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Aren't these pictures the best?? My talented little sister took them!
Outfit credits:
Dress and hat: DownEast Outfitters
Cardign: Cotton On
Necklace: Hope Avenue
Shoes: Free People
Nails: Hailey from the Lacquered Loft
Lip color: Everlastinglipswithhails Praline Rose and Kiss me Katie mixed.

Do you want a cool way for your family to keep track of what they are thankful for this month? Check out my friend Natashia's beautiful FREE Printable! I personally love the tree rings where you use each ring to write in something new!

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  1. Okay these pictures are STUNNING! holy cow so pretty. And I feel ya, my pregnancy with oaks was almost too easy

  2. Hey Love! I adore your post and can relate a little. I actually had good pregnancies but threw up constantly. Each birth a little different, each one something came up (nicu, oxygen, hands coming first) but they were still better than most I hear about. Do you send out reminder email for link up!? I would love to join it!

  3. These photos are amazing!!! Health is something never to be taken for granted. Sadly, tomorrow we celebrate what would have been my SIL's 38th birthday but she passed from cancer a few months ago. Life and health are precious.