A Thankful Heart Series Part 4: My Creative Spirit

Wow here we are at the end of November and the end of this years A Thankful Heart Series! I really want to thank Aleigh for inviting me to join this link up and co-hosting it with her. It has been such a blessing in my life!

So I think it's appropriate that I end with the reason I even have a blog or online presence of any kind. I am so thankful for my creativity! I don't thank my mother for a lot of things in my life (I really should though), but that is one thing she saw in me and let me fulfill my creative passions as far as I wanted to take them! I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be home schooled during my elementary years (now you are figuring out why I'm so weird hahaha!!)  and that I was given the gift of exploring what I was interested in while still learning so much! I was given the chance to explore butterflies, dance, jewelry making, baking, decorating, photography, scrapbooking, music and every craft project I could come up with using stuff around the house.

Before Pinterest came along I was always trying to figure out how to do one thing or another and everything was always original and my own. I've definitely let Pinterest ruin me a little but I really do make the best things happen when I shut off the outside world and do my own thing from what is inside my own head. We all need to do that in some form or another! I'm just glad I usually get a wreath or some weird piece of jewelry out of it in the end.

Parties have been another creative passion I've always had! I was throwing Halloween parties (and in charge of all the decorations and food with my moms help of course!) since I was about 10. I have been hooked ever since and use any excuse to throw a party or decorate anything with a banner and balloons! Or to make a giant rope anchor that I will only use one time ever. Anyone need an anchor for their next party?

All of these creative things have taught me so much about life as crazy as that seems. I have learned how to start a business, meet deadlines, have impeccable customer service but at the same time not get walked all over, and most importantly it has led me to some amazing people and relationships!

I will always be grateful for my creative mind even when it gets me into trouble at Hobby Lobby or even when it means I forget what I was talking about 2 seconds ago (oooo shiny!!). I hope you enjoyed some of my creative projects! What talents in yourself are you grateful for?

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